Omar Rigoni celebrates the liberty of colors

By Klaus Sebastian
(English translation by Katja Behrens)

The Swiss artist Omar Rigoni’s canvases are filled with a pulsating spectrum of color. Colors breath and oscillate, abrasive areas crowd together, red is searching for a spot next to blue, yellow energy-fields extend their elbows and assert themselves in the battle versus a green neighbor.

Rigoni creates paintings that work without borders and rules. He takes the liberty to let his color fly like leaves in the wind.

In the painting „Leaves’ dance“ the levitating color-zone alone dictates and shapes the image’s space. Another painting in black and blue reminds the artist of „Flowing Thoughts“. Not only are the colors free – the thoughts are as well.

Therefore, everything is in motion, longing for boundlessness, dancing on a volcano. Like bubbling lava this painting radiates heat and colorful energy and blazes real love of life. Simultaneously, the viewer senses the restlessness underneath the colorful, bubbling surface.

Are we witnessing an explosion – or are we observing the evolution of a color-composition that has still yet to form?

The paintings are open and their meaning is open too. They give the eye very little rest and keep the viewer’s perception busy. A hidden structure shows itself in the mosaic-like color-thunderstorm only under intense observation. The blunt colors namely appear – even though they are fixed on the canvas with furious brush-strokes which are by no means arbitrary. In the end, a breeze of harmony arises in the fretful uneasy texture. One who is not afraid of blue, red or yellow will be able to spot the clandestine choreogaphy of the colors.

Similar to Jackson Pollocks abstract expressionist canvases, Omar Rigoni’s unleashed colors intensify into structures full of harmony, esthetics and orderliness. The restless spirit and the trembling emotions leave traces – and find their peace in beauty.

„My painting is the result of a life lived in the speed of light“, Omar Rigoni says about his art. And he adds: „The time flies by, borders are obliterated and emotions find a conduit to organize themselves.“

The discernable order the artist is looking for and finds in his still empty canvases fascinates the viewer as a painting. Even when the paint has already dried, it is still in the process of inception. Naturally, Omar Rigoni knows about the limits of our existence: In the painting „The ultimate destination“ a carved skull in the variocolored continuance spoils the merrymaking atmosphere.