I was born in Zürich on October 2nd 1980. I have memories of a happy childhood eventhough I always felt a distracting restlessness lurking inside me. Years later the diagnosis would explain the condition. It was the urgency to be quicker and then some. Hence, I lived a life in light velocity. I sometimes wished for peace which I think, I still haven’t found yet. From the outside my life may appear interesting, nevertheless there is a lack of ‚normality’. Behind every smile there is an even bigger sense of insecurity. It is not always a gift to question everything and to be left wanting more.

Predominantly I work in the mercantile business. The financial sector taught me how to appear colder and harder than I would allow myself. I spent almost a decade in rough waters. At my core it was clear to me that this situation could not provide me with the desired answers, although money was necessary to fund my lifestyle.

I travelled a lot with multiple visists to cities like London, Paris, Barcelona, Prague and Amsterdam. Altogether I spent almost a year in Los Angeles in 2006, 2009 and 2014. The nightlife seemed to come apart at the seams. Due to missing pieces of the puzzle I got to know the emptiness inside me. Therefore, I sometimes chose the wrong path. It never became boring and I appreciated the chaos of everyday life, at work and especially while partying. Combined there are many unique stories. Eventually it became repeticious and life seemed to lose its radiance. A life at risk also means to expect consequences, or, at some point one is overwhelmed by blows of fate, for not having the required resources.

Nothing could bring back the harmony, except the creation of an abstract painting. Time flies by, borders are blurred and feelings find a channel to collocate. Concerning this matter I had no further education, but it is very dear to my heart. Ultimately, it is an advantage to learn everything by oneself and accordingly treading a byway which could not be more satisfying. The possibilities are infinite, and there are no limits to experimentation. There is this spot in front of a canvas where I feel free and I don’t ever want to miss this sensation. A safe place where one does not have to be terrified any more. Naturally, this means to suffer, too, but one accepts this fact. It is a small price to pay for a good life. The moment is precious. Many good moments aligned stand for a life fulfilled. One should plan for the future but it does not always turn out to be as one would hope. Everything is relative. The influence of the modern world’s technology can complicate the artists life. Can it destroy this fantastic feeling of liberty? I dare to doubt . Small steps into the big goal. Finally, only a few artpieces and a story remain, a story which has never been thoroughly told.

Omar Rigoni
(English translation by Katja Behrens)